May 2021 - Welcome to the launch of Spark Free.

May 2021 - Welcome to the launch of Spark Free.
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A bike is a machine made of metal, plastic, rubber, a bit of glass and sometimes leather. There is no brain and no decision taking other than some basic driving assistance. It is a man-made, logical piece of material to move your body and maybe some goods.

How could this machine so profoundly impact my life? And maybe yours as well to a part as you read this?

Why do my thoughts turn around biking most of the time: where I was with them, where I want to go with them, memories with friends, life experiences, life learning? Why does it feel like Christmas each time I start my bike?

Welcome to the launch of Spark Free.

My name is Markus. I was born in Germany but live since nearly 20 years in France with my wife, daughter, my crazy dog Sami and two cats. The idea to start Spark Free came very recently. After a career in industry, I work since a few years as freelance consultant. Whilst I love my work, at some point my wife suggested to add something additional into my life that combines most of remaining passions. That would mainly be motorbiking J But I also like to capture stories on video and tell stories and cultivate a certain equipment style on the bike. Voila: that would be Spark Free.

Once Spark Free is up and running, my goal is that this becomes a serious hobby with my consulting work to remain as main job.

Whilst I apply a certain standard to my output, content releases may be not regularly at times. However, be assured that whatever you see was fun to do. If you want more or more often, please let me know.

There is also a boutique with biker equipment. I will write about my philosophy around the boutique in a separate post.

The reason for the boutique is that I have rarely found a place that has the style, quality and price of equipment that I like. So, I hope to help your potential search for equipment should we have a similar taste.

The topics of the blog/vlog part of Spark Free will turn around people, bikes, some travel and selected equipment presentation. I can’t promise that you like each movie, but I can promise that each production was fun J What I really look forward to, is to explore how the bike taught me some life lessons, what I could learn from the bike.

For me biking is about adventure, freedom but it is also a lot about emotions, in my case it is also about me (we’ll get to that later…).

On the web I found mainly descriptive and chronological, technical texts and videos or “gopro-on-helmet” videos. I was looking for a catchy, well done text or video that tells a story, making me think or smile.

There are great motorbike contributors out there, and I look forward to each of their updates. Just to pick two that I personally like and I can recommend to sign-up for are Scenic App  and Virage8.

The future will tell how Spark Free will be looked at, but this is what was motivating me to create it. I hope you enjoy it, because that is what this was done for.

Also, I would like to build this not only for you but also with you. Please let me know what people, topics or anything else you would like me to portrait, write about, make a movie about. There are few limits, mainly location and my availability, but let’s not restrict us already at the start.

You action please

  • Can I please ask just one favor? Let me know how you like what you see. I believe that together we can create something that you like even more 😉
  • If you like what you see, please spread as you feel comfortable, this will keep my motivation up 😉

How does this sound so far? Please leave your comments below. Welcome to Spark Free and ride safely.

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