Spark Free is not selling bike equipment, we are creating dreams

Spark Free is not selling bike equipment, we are creating dreams

That was the bold statement I included i my business plan when creating Spark Free. And I really believe in it: with the blog and vlog I am trying to make you reflect, but even more, I want you to even more enjoy riding a bike. But with the equipment, you can actually feel and smell and carry with you a part of the dream.

Photo by jack atkinson on Unsplash

I am like you a client. With the Spark Free boutique, I aim to apply what I was always missing as a client:

  • help you to make good equipment decisions that you feel great with.
  • give you as good as possible guidance on size and fit. Some cloths I measured even myself to be sure, for most I go with the size charts of the producers to start with. I will learn and adapt as we go.
  • reduce returns based on bad size, it is extra work and effort for both of us. Before ordering different sizes, you can also alternatively contact me with questions and I am happy to help.

Over time you will also see selected products in the videos I produce and separately in shorter product videos. I hope this helps you to better see the products.

Here are some of the principles for me when selecting the products and brands I work with:
  • I only sell what I personally like
  • The price and quality are in a fair ratio that I would pay myself
  • I focus on
    • smaller, upcoming brands
    • brands with a history
    • brand that offers also or even only equipment for women
  • I only work with brands that are cool to work with and I could establish a personal relationship, that react well when there is an issue

So far, the brands you will see are Helstons, Pando Moto, Wildust, Ethen, ByCity, DMD, Markö Helmets, Original Driver and Style Martin. Some more are about to come soon.

My principles to work with you are

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

I want you to be super happy when you receive the products you bought from the Spark Free boutique.

  • Respectful collaboration and exchange
  • Faire pricing and shipping
  • Good quality and good reaction if there is a problem
  • No bullxxxx

Should you have any questions or comments please let me know in the comments.

How does this sound to you? Anything you are missing?

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